India is a land apart, a destination like no other: mysterious, colorful, exotic, and always memorable. A visit to the country is a changing spectacle of religions, customs, festivals, sights and sounds. With a historical backdrop of 5,000 years, India is one big package of culture and legend that never fails to captivate the imagination of the visitor. But there are also endless natural splendors like the mighty Himalayas that straddle the north, the vast Indo Gangetic Plains, lush tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, and a long coastline embellished with golden beaches.

India has so much to offer on and off the tourist trail, English spoken, good transport, cheap and just plain brilliant. But take it easy and do a little bit at a time. This really is one of the few places on the globe you can still get serious culture shock and sensual overload.


India Must See Itineraries

Deccan Darwaza

5 days / 4 nights


Emeralds of Kerala

10 days / 9 nights


Golden Triangle

8 days / 7 nights


Romantic Rajasthan

12 days / 11 nights


Rustic Rajasthan

10 days / 9 nights


Tea N Spices

8 days / 7 nights


The Malabar Coast

9 days / 8 nights